Thursday, March 31, 2011

eBay’s iPad 2 Data Revealed

Although we don’t have the official numbers from Apple, it looks as though sales of the iPad 2 have been good.  Maybe even great.  After its opening weekend, some analysts projected that the new device had sold hundreds of thousands more that its predecessor in its opening weekend.

Today, eBay released its sales statistics regarding the iPad 2.  The numbers that they report represent the 2 weeks between the launch in the States and the launch in 25 additional countries.

What we find is that out of the nearly 12,000 iPad 2′s sold in that 2 week span,  around 65% of them were sold to buyers in the U.S. – 7919 to be exact.  Compared to last year’s statistics, that is in incredible increase.  Last year only 35% of 1st gen iPads went to customers in the U.S.  This figure could signal any number of things.  It is plausible that Americans cared more about having a tablet this time around, or that this year Americans are more economically suited to afford prices well above the ticket value.  Americans could also be more impatient, as shortages were reported all around the globe.  Either way, the United States dominated the demand.

eBay also calculated the average amount above retail that customers paid for certain iPad 2 models.  For the platinum device, the 64 GB with 3G, customers were willing to pay $406 above retail.  For the regular 64 GB sans 3G, just $264 above retail.  For the basic 16 GB with no 3G, only $198 above retail.  It seems as though customers who wanted the more luxurious models were more willing to spend a little extra.

It then comes as no surprise that the most commonly purchased model was the basic 16 GB iPad 2, making up 30% of total sold.  The least sold was the 16 GB model with 3G capabilities, making up only 7% of total sold.  It also seems as though buyers willing to pay extra fro 3G decided to go ahead and upgrade space as well.

What other countries imported the rest of the 12,000 units?  Second and third place were Russia and Canada, importing 500 and 430, respectively.  Last year’s lead importer the UK imported 341 units this year, putting it in a near tie for fourth place with Hong Kong and Japan.

Although this data is strong, especially the statistics regarding sales in the U.S., it is probably unable to prove or disprove any long term predictions of the iPad’s demise.  Just yesterday, a Dell exec said the iPad 2′s popularity was unsustainable.

To see eBay’s charts,  go here for this year’s and here for last year’s.

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