Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photoshop for iPad Demoed By Adobe

Adobe already has Photoshop Express available for iPad and iPhone (previously mobile). This is, however, only a light-weight version of the software greatly lacking in features comapared to the full Photoshop experience.

That’s all going to change soon. Adobe demoed a new full version of Photoshop at Photoshop World 2011. Here’s a brief clip uploaded to YouTube, which shows the new Photoshop in action:

(Tip of the hat to Photography Bay and on YouTube).

The way this version handles layers looks particularly cool.

A fully-functioning version of Photoshop for the iPad (and other tablets) would no doubt make the devices an even more attractive option for businesses/enterprises.  Of course, there are already plenty of apps in the App Store that can easily be used to replace many features of Photoshop (for a lot less money, I might add), but Photoshop is still the leader of its genre of applications.

Adobe has not put a release date on Photoshop for iPad, but designers and businesses that are already heavily using iPads will certainly be eagerly awaiting it.

On a related note, Adobe also introduced the Photoshop Family Feedback site at This is simply a place where users can leave ideas and requests for the Photoshop team, as you may have guessed. This could be particularly helpful in the development of the new iPad version.

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