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Save Millions in Lost Revenue, You Need Data Quality Software

Save Millions in Lost Revenue, You Need Data Quality Software

Data cleansing or data scrubbing ensures that the stored data is delivered absolutely accurately. While the process of data cleansing is in operation, records are continuously checked to verify its accuracy and consistency. If necessary, the outdated and incorrect information can be deleted as well. This system operates within a single set of record or between multiple data sets requiring merging or which may be working in unison.

Data cleansing ought to be an essential process in any organization that keeps consumer data. It allows the highest data quality by de-duping, and suppressing and also appending key details which are personal too. The accuracy of a consumer data base will erode at a frightening rate. Data cleaning identifies movers, duplicating records and enhances personal details. In its simplest form, the software would be like a singular person or more than one person who reads the set of records to verify their accuracy.

The typing and spelling errors can be rectified while the data which is improperly filed, labeled, incomplete or even missing can be completed through this software package. Data cleansing can also be performed by computer programming. A more complex data cleansing program might also be able to fill in a missing city based on correct zip code or convert prices of items in the data base to Euros instead of US dollars. This software is ideally suited for developing an updated mailing list which can be sent to clients for promoting / selling various products. The process is very important for the efficient management of data dependent business.

In case the clients have not recorded the correct phone numbers or the client’s e-mail addresses have not been formatted accurately, the automated e-mail system is unable to send information on the latest special deals or coupons. The software based data cleansing ensures that all the data recorded within a system is up-to-date and accurate so that product details can be forwarded to the proper destination.

In areas where two data systems are working together, data cleansing is more effective. In case a manufacturing company has multiple branches, but may be dealing with the same customers, the data in each branch has to be complete, accurate and similar. When customers update their phone numbers within one branch, the data at the other branches need to have the same set of information ensuring that all the branches have identical data bank. In such cases the software based data cleansing also guarantee updated, accurate and consistent data between different records.

Often when storing a huge data base, errors are bound to creep into the system. The objective of data cleansing is to minimize or eliminate such errors and to make the data base appear as meaningful and useful as possible. In the business world the pivotal rule is that incorrect data base could be damaging and detrimental to the company’s commercial activities. Hence, data cleansing should be a mandatory operation of any business set-up to maximize profits and ensure their message gets out to the intended recipients.

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