Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Trade In 2011?

Kuninaka Ryoko
One of the basic and foremost instincts of a human being is to earn more and more profits. Making a profit greatly depends upon market conditions and general tactics. There are some useful steps which if being followed will help a lot, in understanding  the chemistry of these marketing conditions and to get some consistent profits from forex trading.

Day Traders

Most of us prefer being day traders, and it is the utmost desire and necessity to earn some profit by the end of the day. Being an efficient day trader, for instance, one should have in mind the average daily range for each of major currency pairs. In the last three months, most of the leading pairs have noticed their averages fall quite rapidly as indicated by the Average True Range indicator.
So, if the same trend continues, it leads to smaller and smaller trading range at the end of each day.

Necessary Precautions

As for those who don’t know, by the end of December 2010 the average range of the GBP /USD pair was 135 points at the time of writing. People, who enjoy early morning breakouts, must be cautious about trading early in the morning by taking in consideration of overnight trading points range. Moreover, if the range is between 30 to 60 points and breakout takes place, then there is plenty of room for the price to move strongly in the expected direction. This is the same situation when the trading range was in excess of 200 points, and we were sure about the price heading towards the right destination.

Longer Term Trades

Long term trades are always more reliable than the short term trades. Most of the traders are busy trying to get quick profits. However, it is quite a known fact that trading ranges are quite minor now a day’s for major pairs. Usually most of us are far much better off trading the four hour and daily charts. The overall trend, forex trading system uses the daily chart and the four hour chart for pinpointing entry and exit points.

This has worked marvelously for quite a long time, and there is nothing stopping forex from being more profitable in the upcoming years.

Making Money Is Simple

Making Money Is Simple
The major pairs will always confirm very well to technical analysis on these longer time frames. Overall it is a lot easier and quite efficient way to make money. You simply need to come up with a straight-forward trading system that can detect one or two high probability trading opportunities every week.
The crust of the whole scenario is that let the previous and bygones be left aside, there are still plenty of opportunities to make money from forex trading in 2011. This is true if you enjoy the bounty of trading the longer term charts. However, short term trading can also be fruitful despite the narrow trading ranges. We have to look a bit deep and find the right method, which leads to efficient trading.

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