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Tips and tricks ? Speed up your computer and security

Tips and Tricks
by ekai
Tips and tricks ? Speed up your computer and security
There are many things where computer breaks down. You need some tips and tricks to look after your computer in proper way. Here are some tips regarding computer’s speed and security. You need security to protect your computer from other users to keep your privacy.

The slow down can be caused by many things in a computer. The registry keeps track of all system settings, software installation and drivers so the age of windows operating system is one cause. Install a good registry cleaner is the cure of this problem. There are softwares available such as Ccleaner. The Ccleaner will help increase your computer speed. This software is free. Just click on the registry button then it will list your problems after scanning. There will be a button “fix”. To fix all the issues just click that button. In case there is need to reinsert registry the Ccleaner will create backup. So if you are cleaning your drive with Ccleaner you will not come along any new issue.
You must not let your hard drive go full. It can also cause low speed of your computer. Windows need space for virtual memory as well as programs loading and installing. The virtual memory is a selected portion of the hard drive called page file. There is a free program from windows which is called as page defrag. It defrags the page file or the virtual memory. Defragging will speed up as you defrag the files together. It will speed up your access and your computer start up.
You must update your computer program files and your operating system to keep computer as secure as possible. Windows come with auto update feature. So when you turn on your computer, windows take care of the operating system. You need to left click the start button then on to left click the control panel icon. It will take you to the windows security centre. You must make sure that auto update is checked inside the box. The auto update will be on the left of auto updates.
There is an easy way to make sure your software programs all have the latest security patches too! With sequoias personal software inspector or PSI which is free for your own personal use. After installing Sequoia PSI 1- just left click the green button start scan, 2- left click on the blue solution button this will take you to the link then click open to allow it to install the patch, 3- continue with any other blue solution buttons, then rescan your pc.
Malware protection and removal are two big parts of a great anti-spyware program,
the cleanup has to be precise or your computer will have problems and the spyware will remain. One of the best anti-malware programs for detection and cleanup is Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware and also offers a protection mode if you have the pro version. Even the free version of Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware has outstanding removal and detection.
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